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Mjesto : Seven heaven.... x)
Registration date : 2008-03-27

KomentarNaslov komentara: Leyton-izjave   Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:14 pm

Lucas: That's me inside your head.
Peyton: What?
Lucas: NOFX. That's me inside your head it's the lyrics from -
Peyton: I know the song.
- "Pilot"

Lucas: Listen, are you sure you got a ride? I mean, I can wait if you want.
Peyton: Yeah, that's what I want.
- "Pilot"

Lucas: Can I ask you a question?
Peyton: It's a free country.
Lucas: Why are you a cheerleader? No offense or anything, but you're about the least cheery person I know.
- "Pilot"

Lucas: Come on. Let me give you a ride. I'll let you insult me.
Peyton: First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me.
- "Pilot"

Peyton: Nice hands.
Lucas: Nice legs.
- "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"

Peyton: I guess misery really does love company.
Lucas: What are you doing here?
Peyton: Actually, I'm not here. I was never here.
- "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"

Peyton: Lucas, it's just a game. Who cares if the entire school, most of your friends and half the town saw you suck.
Lucas: So... you've clearly come to cheer me up.
- "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"

Peyton: Those are my sketches!
Lucas: Um... I wasn't looking.
Peyton: This is personal, alright? I don't read your diary!
Lucas: I don't have a diary.
Peyton: No? Dear Diary, my daddy doesn't love me. P.S. Stay out of my stuff!
- "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"

Peyton: Who do you think you are?
Lucas: Someone you're pissed at.
Peyton: You submitted my sketches to THUD magazine.
Lucas: And they liked them, didn't they?
Peyton: If I wanted your help, I would ask for it.
- "Are You True"

Peyton: I just want to tell you I'm not doing the comic strip.
Lucas: That's a mistake.
Peyton: Yeah, well maybe some people aren't ready to expose themselves to the world like you and your basketball.
Lucas: Maybe you are ready, but you're just scared.
- "Are You True"

Peyton: He really slammed you.
Lucas: I don't care what he thinks.
Peyton: Neither do I.
Lucas: Oh yeah? Then why are you drinking?
- "Crash Into You"

Lucas: So I'm confused. You want to be anonymous and you let the world watch you on a web cam.
Peyton: The world isn't watching me... but I guess you are.
Lucas: Okay, the point is... you want to express yourself but you don't want people to know it's you.
Peyton: I guess I'm just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch.
Lucas: Or maybe just a tortured artist.
Peyton: Look, I don't need you defending me and my work. I don't need you analyzing it or interpreting me either. And in fact, I'm pretty sure I don't need you at all.
Lucas: Pretty sure?
- "Crash Into You"

Peyton: So last week sucked. I just wanted to say thanks.
Lucas: Oh, you made me a mix?
Peyton: Just trying to square my karma.
Lucas: Uh-huh. Does this mean we're dating?
Peyton: Listen, you've got a long bus ride tonight and I had some free time. Don't read too much into it.
- "Every Night Is Another Story"

Peyton: You know, I read a book last night.
Lucas: Really?
Peyton: Yeah, it's about this girl and this guy, and they've got this really weird vibe thing going on, but there's all this drama, 'cause the girl's got this ex-boyfriend who turns out to be none other than the guy's brother. So the whole thing comes to this great, big climax and this big party at their evil dad's house.
Lucas: Really? Hmm. What happens in the end?
Peyton: You're just gonna have to show up to find out.
- "Life In A Glass House"

Peyton: Haven't seen you much today.
Lucas: Yeah, I know. Every time I get within about five feet of you-
Peyton: Brooke happens.
Lucas: Or Nathan.
Peyton: Loose ends. Those are all tied up now.
- "Life In A Glass House"

Lucas: So that was...
Peyton: Yeah.
Lucas: What was that exactly? A game?
Peyton: Kind of. Not really. Want to play again?
- "Life In A Glass House"

Lucas: You know, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but, um, I'm glad I came.
Peyton: So, what do we do now?
Lucas: I don't know. What happens next in the story you were telling me about?
- "Life In A Glass House"

Peyton: Lucas... I'm sorry.
Lucas: For what?
Peyton: All sorts of things.
- "The Search For Something More"

Peyton: Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got, I got scared, but-
Lucas: Peyton...
Peyton: But, the truth is, I want all the same things that you want, I do. And I want them with you.
- "With Arms Outstretched"

Lucas: So listen, I don't have a lot of quiet time these days. You mind if I just sit and read while you draw!
Peyton: As long as you don't act out the parts.
Lucas: Alright.
- "The Living Years"

Peyton: We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything.
Lucas: It didn't?
Peyton: Of course it did.
- "Crash Course In Polite Conversation"

Peyton: Lucas, you're dating Brooke.
Lucas: I know. And she's great, okay? But she's not you.
- "Hanging By A Moment"
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